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Fallen Hood


  • vadsura

    Unfortunately, there is no such button that is called 'Make Beautiful'. Only experience and practice.
    Add thickness of fabric, thicker on cuffs.
    Add finishing lines, set bends at the seams.
    Add divide avatar.
    Put the final in grid 5.

  • Permanently deleted user

    @pranav, one tool that you can use when adjusting the meshes is the Select Mesh tool.

    By using above tool, you would be able to select and move meshes in a group, not separately. This may increase your efficiency. Also, try to re-drape the hood pattern instead of just pulling down the hood after it is draped around the head.

  • Pranav

    Ohh how I wish there was one.. Life would have been so simple.. Thank you for the steps. Can you elaborate more the steps you mentioned? I'm not very clear what you mean by add finishing lines,bends and divide avatar.

    Thanks for the group tool and I will try the draping around the head method and let you know how it goes.

  • danielemanassero

    I agree with @Pranav I wish the "make beautiful" button too :)

    But keeping foot on earth, you must draw a fold line and use it to fold the hood, When done i can turn off the fold rendering of the line or delete it.

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