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Bra Underwire - How to make wire using Flattening


  • Permanently deleted user

    OMG! I'm so blown away by your skil!!

  • danielemanassero

    Great quality.

  • geniusbutton

    That's a great approach - lowering the particle distance in default settings before flattening the wire, such option never crossed my mind! Big thanks for the tip! 

  • imad3ddd

    Thanks for the tutorial

    if you can give us a tutorial for the cap it would be great


  • allyshake

    Great tutorial Michelle.

    When you use the Steam tool in the 2D window, does this shrink the flat pattern piece, or is it just effecting the drape in 3D? I assume it does so that the flat pattern is correct.

    What fabric did you use for the bra cups and the band? Were they the same? Is there a two way stretch fabric available that emulates the real world? It looked like you had to pull and shape the piece a lot in 3D to get it to hug the bust. I would have thought there was a fabric choice available that would do this by virtue of its elastic properties??

    Forgive my lack of knowledge as I am only just starting out and learning what is possible with Clo.

  • theblondedon

     Hi Allyshake!

    When you use the steam tool in the 2D window this does not change the shape of the pattern piece in the 2D form. The just warps the piece in the 3D shape. 

    In this case I was mimicking a molded cup bra, where the fabric is usually stretch and secured to a shaped foam cup to hold the shape. Since I don't have a cup shape available I know I can use seam to shape my own piece. Even using the fabric properties of a two way stretch that you would use in the real world, you would still also need to secure the fabric to a molded cup shape in order to make it seamless. Otherwise you would need seam shaping to conform the fabric to a bust (34C about) as large as the form I used. 

    You might be able to stretch a piece over a bust enough without having to use as much steam on a smaller cup size, but likely you'll still have to use a little steam or elastic at an edge to shape it some.

    I used either Knit Cotton Jersey or the Knit Cotton Rayon for the band and likely just used Default fabric on the cups since I would be shaping them using seam. I also used seam tape on several areas to help hold shape. 

    Hope this helps! :)

  • rjbtsim

    I am trying to achieve a similar scenario for close fitting garments. Whenever I use the flatten tool, the created fabric is offset from the surface of the avatar. Do you know if there is anyway to use the flatten tool such that the garment created stays on the surface of the avatar.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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