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Possible Product enhancements - Suggestions


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Dorelle, please find my answers/ suggestions below.

    1- Option to remove undergarments from Avatar

    As you may have noticed, undergarments are not "garments" draped on the avatar, but rather a graphic image applied on the avatar's UV.

    Therefore, removing the undergarment can be achieved by editing the UV. Please refer here for how-to (I think it is my comment for one of your posts :).


    2- Save a 3rd Party Avatar - as a CLO Avatar, not just FBX file

    You can definitely save a 3rd party avatar as a CLO avatar :) Please refer to Save Avatar manual.


    3- Click and Drag ruler for placement and matching up points and measurements

    Do you have an example for this feature to help us understand?


    4- Morphable Hairstyles

    I will forward this inquiry to our UX team.


    5- HD Formated  3D Background displays as part of the software.

    I will forward this inquiry as well, but meanwhile, have you tried inserting image to 3D background? Right click on the 3D window and select Format Background from the pop-up menu. Then, you can select desired image and change 3D background.


    6- Ability to import JPG or PNG into the 2D pattern area

    May I know what you would like to achieve by importing JPG or PNG into 2D pattern area? Are you trying to insert graphics on top of the garments or just importing an image to trace certain shapes?

  • dorelle22

    Hello, Thanks for the Update!!! I did see the other posts and I will be working on that. 

    Enterprise: I figured that is was somewhere as I have been following the software for about 3 years. The company I work for has the enterprise version but I am in US and they are in Korea :)

    3rd Party video is a good workaround but I am interested in streamlining the workflow with as little 3rd party integrations. I am going to Korea next week so I will check it out!!

    The ruler grid from point 3 - Some other softwares (Optitex/Adobe Illustrator) have rulers in the X and Y borders that you can click and drag a grid guideline that will allow you to align your pieces and points for better accuracy. This way matching up lines and points in 2D is a bit simpler. 

    The 2D pattern area - to have a Jpeg of an element you want to trace, perhaps a pattern piece or a hardware detail you want to use from a photo. My main idea was creating vintage garments from flat pattern photos.

    Thanks for answering it was very helpful. Just as a point I do use the following programs with your program

    1- DAZ3D - I work with swimwear so I think my avatars need more depth in body dimensions. When I tried changing the avatar measurements in clo3d there was no way to get the desired Breast/Glut morph Also I can create a more stylized character.

    2- Blender and ZBrush for more stable elements like environment and accessories.

    3-Filming scenes I used the workaround in Adobe Premiere. It is useful to build keying and layers and angles made in Clo3d

    I am enjoying the Clo3d experience!! It is great and I can't wait to see how it expands.




  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi dorelle11.


    Thanks for the explanation. It will definitely help us understanding your needs in depth.

    For 2D pattern area > For now, I suggest you to create a rectangle pattern and import the image as texture. Then, you can use Internal Polygon/Line tool to trace the patterns and "trace as pattern"


    For other features, I will definitely inform our UX part. I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying CLO experience and we will never stop improving to provide better service!

    P.S, I would love to see your work in Instagram or in Community once you finish them!



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