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Working with a trackpad


  • Official comment

    Hi Jerad,

    Below are the Mac navigation controls or refer to this post:

    The controls can also be seen in CLO by accessing the menu at the top of the screen under Settings > User Settings > View Controls. However, I do recommend that you use a 3-click mouse if you have one, because it makes navigation much less clunky.


  • clough1

    is the precision move dialogue box a blanket term for pop up menus inside the 2d or 3d menus?  because if I click and drag and press control nothing happens, atleast not if the flattening tool is highlighted nor the avatar editing pen, so far this are the only ones ive tried.  how do find out what the default settings are for MacBook Pro?

  • clough1

    also in user settings there are multiple options for mouses and navigational devices that I assume are similar to styluses - but nothing for trackpad (that's currently all I have), is one of those options equivalent to a trackpad?  

  • CLO Designers

    Hi clough1

    You are correct that the term is used for a pop up. But for the 2D window. Currently there is no equivalent to open these pop ups in the 3D window. 

    If you are on a Mac you can set to a magic mouse. But in general we do not recommend the use of a laptop track pad. We always recommend purchasing at least a basic 3 button mouse which can usually be purchased inexpensively on Amazon or other sites  

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