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2D Snapshot/Seam allowance problems and issues


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi aoyaifo,

    Firstly, thank you for the feedback. Please see my comments below!

    1. It doesn't count the seam allowance as a boundary in the print so it will just ignore if it is on the edge.

    > In the Simulation mode, the seam allowance does not include prints, but if you navigate to our Print Layout Mode, you can see the prints are included to the seam allowance. Please let me know if I misunderstood your feedback! :)

    2. Parts of the pattern info will be cut of for unknown reasons

    > Do you have any snapshot illustrating this issue? I should be able to assist you better with reference images.

    3. it would be nice to control the size of the notching, because they are painfully small when printing

    4. Notches don't transfer to the seam allowance edge.

    5. It would be nice to rotate the pattern annotation

    > For number 3~5, we are sorry for the inconvenience. I will forward your request to our UX team for improvement :) Thanks :)

    Again, I truly appreciate your feedback as we are always open to improvements!



  • aoyaifo

    1. I'm talking about the 1:1 Snapshot when I want to print out a pattern to cut.

    You will notice that the border to capture the patterns ignores the seam allowance and the internal line that was drawn over the allowance line. I solved my problem by making "border blocks", some small squares to regulate the print area.

    2. It's the pattern piece name that gets cut off. 

    It may have to do with the placement of where the info is. Not sure. I've mainly just gotten used to drawing in the seam allowance and typing in the pattern info, but if you could solve these problems, it would make things easier.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi aoyaifo !

    Sorry for the late reply! 

    For #1, it turns out to be a bug. Seam allowances should be included when performing 2D snapshot. I will report this to our developers.

    For now, workaround would be adding plain texture to your patterns and use Print Layout > Save Image function. 


    For #2, when pattern names are long, sometimes it gets cut out from the snapshot (and this is our technical limitation we are currently looking into resolve). Would you try inserting the pattern name with Pattern Annotation tool? If the same happens, please let me know!


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