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Print Layout 2D Snapshot



Save pattern layout as an image file in Print Layout mode.



Main Menu  ▶ Change the mode at the top-right corner  ▶ PRINT LAYOUT



  1. Select the tool/ menu indicated in Location. 
    → Simulation mode is changed to Print Layout Mode. 

  2. Click on the Save Image icon at the top-left of the 2D window.
    → The 2D Snapshot window appears.

  3. Arrange patterns onto fabric in the 2D window. Be mindful of outline markers while arranging the patterns.

  4. Set the size along with other options for the snapshot. 

    Preset Select from a variety of presets.
    Orientation Select the paper orientation.
    Width Set the width of the image.
    Height Set the height of the image.
    Unit Set the unit of the print paper.
    Resolution Set the resolution of the snapshot image.
    Line/Image/Info Select the line, the image, and the information that will appear in the Print Layout 2D snapshot.
    Fabric Texture Opacity (ver 6.1) Adjust the opacity of the fabric and texture.

  5. Set the image file format(PNG / JPEG / PDF (ver 6.1))for 2D Snapshot, name the file, locate the saving path, and click Save

    → Print Layout 2D Snapshot is saved.
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    Is this menu locked in the free version ? because i tred and this menu is not available.