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Marketplace Fabric properties & fit form details


  • anhle


    Thank you so much for your feedback. We can definitely add more information to make selecting items easier. Can you tell me what specific details you'd like to know? I know right now the fabric on the Marketplace has the fiber contents listed, but we'd like to add information that will actually be useful to you. I believe the Avatars weren't built the way the default Avatars were so you aren't able to edit them. They are meant to be used for styling purposes more than fit, but I will add the size/measurements as a detail that should be listed on the Marketplace.



  • elamarita

    Hi Anh,


    Thanks so much for your reply!

    I think it would be useful to have a % fabric content and a description of the type of fabric it is, or the characteristics. - eg 100% Polyester - Chiffon.  Or 90% Cotton 5% Elastane - Stretch Woven Sateen.

    It may also be helpful to zoom in on the texture of the fabric in the preview.

    I just had a look at the marketplace and I have seen you have started to do this already?!  Thats great!

    Having the size information for the dress form would be helpful too thank you. (or measurements bust, waist, hip because sizing varies in different countries)



  • dutchesse1

    Hi there,

    I love the presentation and imagery with each Fabric sample in the CLO store but agree with the above request. They do render quite slowly .. at first I was not aware there where so many fabrics available.

    • A super closeup of each fabric (similar to when you are in the program and you click on the preset fabrics)
    • More information such as the fabric specifics (weight, thickness) as well as what the fabric generally is or could be used for.
    • A way to simply purchase "All" fabrics versus having to pick each one at a time
    • This one is a bit tougher but an indicator of sorts when signed in that shows I already have this fabric in my collection would also be handy.

    I also would like to request some more 'performance' fabrics samples such as the Nike dry-fit for leggings and tops and other spors brands fabrics as well as bathing suit type fabrics. The knits offered thus far seem to be more T-shirt type fabrics versus beefy 'moisture wicking & performance' fabrics I need for leggings etc.

    Some stretchy lace and sheer 'netting' fabrics for athletic gear would be helpful as well. Anyway am sure most of this is already in development :).

    So far I absolutely love CLO3D and have such fun playing around with different designs all in the hopes that one day I might actually build a viable company with the help of your product. Every day I find a new little Gem of sorts of CLO's possibilities


  • Clothe Creative


    I am looking for a soft polyester chiffon fabric,  are you able to tell me whether you have one in the marketplace?

    I have tried a couple of the 100% polyesters but they are not soft enough.

  • pabloquintana

    I think one should be able to see the fabric composition in standard terms. So far you find something like "65% CTN/35% PA". I guess CTN is cotton but can't figure out PA. Also we are missing the weave if twill, knit, which knit and the weight of the fabric in g/m2 or oz/yd2.

  • joneienleah


    I would love to see a short description along with the content. For example a Rayon Challis or Jacquard. Something that gives a better idea what the fabric is based on common names that are used in fabric stores and with fabric wholesalers. And I would love to be able to zoom in on the fabric to see the detail.

    Another idea is if CLO users that have purchased this fabric and use it so simulate a garment could upload an image so we can see how people are using this fabric and what it looks like in a garment. This could spark ideas of what this fabric is best used for.

    By the way I love CLO!

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