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  • Official comment


    To try the free trial, head on over to our Pricing page. Scroll down until you see the 30 Day Trial banner and click on Trial Download. You'll have to sign in to access the file. Let me know if that works for you and if you have any other questions!


  • dgonzalez

    Sorry, buy I don't found this option in your website.  Only shown the banner offering the trial version but there are not any download link or option.


  • littlejenking

    I have the same question as dgonzalez above.  I've tried clicking on the banner but it is not linked to anything...

  • anhle


    Does the banner look like this for y'all? If you are logged in, the "Trial Download" button should lead you to a direct download/installer.

    If not, click here to be redirected to the login page. Once you've made an account, you can access the trial download through your Account page in the upper right hand corner of the website.

  • gsouthen

    hi there. it DOES look like this but when you click the button nothing runs....

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