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  • Official comment
    Permanently deleted user

    @shawn01721, I'm glad you liked our updated render! Please be excited as we will continuously update the render! Also, if you have any other feedback, feel free to post here :) 

  • obama

    wow, these are great! the buckle details must have been challenging. i hope you post more stuff as you go  :)

  • shawn01721

    yeah buckle details was challenging....i will try to post more....

  • danielemanassero

    Great job!
    I'm always struggling with layers or parts of the garments when they intersect each other as the little belt that runs through your beautiful bag.
    How did you manage it correctly?

  • shawn01721

    thanks  Daniele for your comments 

    use in 3D  freeze, some times superimpose under & superimpose over, then sewing and changing fabric property with rendering style. ,pins  ,  and some other technique ( i called cheating).


  • tooosa

    Please , May you help me ... I want to know how can i get this realistic look and how to use vray render in clo or out it ?

  • CLO Designers

    Hi tooosa,

    To improve the rendered image result, it is recommended to:

    1. Apply High-Res Quality settings on your garment. You can use the High-Res Garment tool from the 3D window. To know more about High-Res Garment: Link

    2. In Render window > Render Properties: You can lower the Noise Threshold to 0.050. This is related to the noise appearance. You can also change Light Quality and Material Quality to "Medium" or even higher quality.

    3. In Render window > Image/ Video Properties: Please set suitable Image Size and set the Resolution (ppi). It is recommended to use 300 ppi or higher value.


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