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  • anhle

    Hi Crispo,

    Welcome to CLO! I'm excited to get you started with making bags. First, do you have a small bag Avatar that you can use? If not, I can walk you through the process of making a custom one for you design.

    For fabrics, you can start out by using the CLO default leather or twill fabrics and adjusting their Physical Properties. Setting the Stretch, Shear, and Bending values to max 90 and the Buckling Ratios to 0 will make your fabric completely stiff. Then you can apply any kind of texture you want to match your design. This process may take some trial and error to figure what properties work best for you. Otherwise, you can try to look on our CLO Marketplace to see if there are any fabrics that you may want to purchase. 

    Hope this helps!


  • crispo

    Hi Anh,


  • Permanently deleted user

    @crispo I would love to see your outcome if you would like to share !!

  • frankvega

    @Anh can you walk me through the process of making my bag avatar?

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