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  • Official comment

    Hi dorelle11,

    You may be able to find a fabric that is suitable for your projects on the CLO Marketplace. I've definitely seen some spandex/nylon blends available for purchase on there, and these would be the most accurate samples for you to use because they were created by testing the real fabrics with our Fabric Kit. If you don't wish to purchase new fabrics, you may be able to change the Physical Properties of one of the default knit fabrics, but this may take some trial and error to get the properties you want reflected in the visualization. Check out this Manual section on fabric properties to learn more about how you can adjust the default fabrics. Hope this helps!



  • dorelle22

    Thank you, Anh,

    I didn't know I was able to manipulate the fabric inside CLO

    I will try to adjust something from the market place

  • carlossanjuan


    I can't find any Spandex/ Nylon at the CLO Marketplace.

    The link you let to "Manual Section on Fabric Properties" is not working anymore.

    I need to work with a Swimwear Fabric: 400g/ m2 (55% Nylon + 45% Elastane).

    Could you advise me about how to get something similar in CLO?.


    Looking forward to your instructions.

    Best regards.







  • CLO Designers

    Hi carlossanjuan. There is an excellent video on our Youtube about creating custom fabrics that you may find useful. You can find it Here 

  • dorelle22

    Hi Hope this helps... there's not too much out there you can try this and just modify to your liking. Try different weights. 

    TIPS for swimwear: 2- Import a Poly/Nylon blend fabric -CHANGE  Stretch-Weft 19 Stretch Warp 45 Shear - 18 Bending-Warp 24 Internal Dampening 1 Density 17 Friction Co-efficient 3 3- Add elastic at Strength 2.3 and Ratio: 97 (you and play around in this area for rubber simulation) - also good for Athletic 4-Fabric finish is best kept at matte - Or what ever you like 5- add the binding on the inside when simulating the thickness of rubber at the edge - make it the size of the rubber you choose

    1- go to CLOSET Market place and look at the SwatchOn fabrics to get the texture:

  • carlossanjuan

    Hi dorelle22,

    I have tried to follow your instructions for custom the fabric but it is difficult to identify the parameters because I work the Spanish Version of CLO.

    Please, Could you identify the name of the parameters (English-Spanish) for me? 




    Best Regards.

    Carlos San Juan




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