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Thickness not rendering correctly on ribbons


  • CLO Designers

    Hi noemie06,

    Is this a transparent fabric, with the texture applied as a graphic and set to show on both sides, or only the front? It seems to disappear wherever the back is visible. If this assessment is correct, can you add the same color as the texture to the fabric, so that the sides will be visible, and then set the graphic to show on both sides?

    If this doesn't work, please share the file with us here:

    You can upload it on WeTransfer and insert the link to the transfer in the message. Thank you!

  • noemie06

    Hi CLO Designers

    It's a fabric that is set as both front and back, not a graphic. 

    I will send the file to the customer support ! 

  • US Designer Support

    Hi noemi

    Thank you for sending the file. The issue stems for the Opacity Map/Texture Map. Since you have the very of the ribbons with Transparency Where the very slight scallop of the ribbon edge is. See screenshot below for refence. 

    So what may actually be easier is to make the ribbon from a solid color fabric that matches the ribbon color, then apply the ribbon texture as a graphic and Tile the graphic image and set the graphic to appear on both sides. This will allow you to add any necessary thickness.



    This is a very quick example of the result from the method mentioned above

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