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  • camrynlynn

    I got it to look like this but still not right

  • US Designer Support

    Hi camrynlynn

    When placing straps it is always a good idea to use the Arrangement Points (Blue Avatar Dots) to place the straps in the 3D window. This will first make sure that they do not end up under your avatars arm.

    Once placed it is mostly about making sure the strap is the correct length and sewn to the proper place at both the front and back. It does look like your strap is sewn pretty far to the side of the front of the dress. This may be causing some pulling and then the strap falls. One trick to keep a strap up at the beginning building phase is to use Pins and place them at the top of the shoulder which will sew keep the strap from slipping and sliding

    If you have not already I would recommend taking a look at the CLO youtube beginner series HERE which can be helpful when first learning CLO

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