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4 way grain line?


  • CLO Designers

    Hi abbymclean,

    Grainlines are connected to the pattern pieces and will remain the way they are set regardless of fabric changes. Any texture rotation you do regarding the maps on a fabric are separate from the grainlines.

    It is not possible to completely delete out a grainline from a pattern piece or have multiple grainlines on the same piece. There will always be an angle and the default is 0°. You can edit the grainline manually with the Edit Texture tool by clicking on and rotating only on the pattern piece in question (instead of using the flat black gizmo for entire map rotation), or selecting a pattern piece and editing the grainline with precise input in the Property Editor.

  • madeapparelservices

    Building on this question - I'm not sure I understand how the 4-way grainline in print layout works.  I've tried to use it to nest pieces for greater efficiency, but it doesn't seem to rotate the pieces to achieve that.  Is the 4 way grainline direction in print layout supposed to auto rotate for best use or is there another purpose in this mode?

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