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  • Official comment
    CLO Support

    Thanks for your posting. 

    Error code:99 is a message explaining when trying to log in to a new trial version on a PC where the trial was used at least once in the past.
    This is a new policy and authentication server update designed to restrict users from repeating the trial.

    Please feel free to reach out to the contact us page if you have any further questions.

  • US Designer Support

    Hi elenapaun

    Are you using a computer that may have had a CLO trial previously installed on it?

  • tahyjet

    Hi Clo Support and US Designer Support, 

    I have the same problem as elenapaun. 

    I used 1 CLO expired trial before few months ago and now want to be back for long-term user. 

    Should I now create a new account and sign up for Clo's plan in the beginning without choosing a trial then install the app so I can access the app properly? or I do not need new account and just pay for the plans and reinstall the app?

    Because I just created a new account and clicked download to try it, I got Error Code: 99. I went back to the web to choose the plan but they told me to wait for the trial period to expire.

    Please tell me what to do now so I can use the app because I have to use it now.

    Thank you <3

  • US Designer Support

    Hi tahyjet

    If you would like to use this current account that you recently created please reach out to us directly on our Contact Us Page HERE. And please say in the message that you would like to end the trial and begin a subscription. We can then end the trial on our end so that you will be able to choose a plan to subscribe to


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