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export graded sizes as a nested pattern


  • US Designer Support

    Hi petiteivou

    Thank you so much for your feedback. 

  • mikaoh

    That is also a function I would need. I have just run an extensive software testing and was all for purchasing it. But even with 3 installed versions of AI I am unable to get my patterns into my further Workflow!

    Will a PDF export (or other common file format) of graded patterns ever be possible? You guys seem to be awfully quiet about this.


  • US Designer Support

    Hi mikaoh

    We have had this requested many times and our team is working on it. You can currently export a PDF of a graded size run from CLO already with Print Layout mode.

    While I cannot give exact details/dates we do have a major release coming soon we would recommend keeping an eye out for this release and its newest CLO features

  • petiteivou

    Hello there -

    I could see the improvement in 7.2. Via Print Layout I am able to color each pattern peice and add size name, however I am struggling to export externally. Every time and for several files extracting the pdf close the session.Is that only on my side or is there something/parameters I should pay attention to ?

    Thank you for the continuous improvement!

  • US Designer Support

    Hi petiteivou We are so glad you are liking the improvements

    By close do you mean CLO crashes? Have you made sure that your computer specs are up to the recommended level? HERE

    If your computer is up to date we would recommend going to the Contact US page. Please include your export settings, computer information, and a file to be tested

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