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Lost object 3d window


  • Official comment
    CLO Designers

    unitythroughdesign Is there a chance all the pattern pieces are hidden? Use the Show Garment (Shift+W) in the 3D Vertical Toggle Menu.

  • pabloquintana

    Press 2 or go here:


  • unitythroughdesign


    I tried that but still no objects to be seen, also not the grid. Before I could see everything..

    Now I were able to select a part and the gizmo is viewable - however still no part :/

    Also not that specific, and the rest of the patterns, are not selected as hidden in 3d.

    Did I hit a shortcut that hides everything by accident / is a different view?

  • pabloquintana

    Maybe. Try selecting all your pieces on the 2D Window and then press Shift+Q on the 3D Window. You can also press F to focus on what is selected.

  • rockchu

     You can try use " Rest 2D Arrangement (all) " this function.

  • ottoline

    Hit '2' on the number keypad = front view camera.

  • shrymp

    I just downloaded the program and I lost my 3d View and can't find it.  I've been on this software for 10 minutes looking for the 3D view. Is there a toggle on off for the 3d View?  I just started the you tube beginners guide and can't get past the 1st minute of the tutorial.  I just found it.  Its under display, window, reset to default layout.  Phew!

  • CLO Designers

    Hi shrymp, glad you found it!

    There's also a handy icon for this at the bottom right of the window:

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