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  • CLO Designers

    Hi kaliyuga

    We are aware of the bug and working to fix this. Thank you :) 


  • elyannie

    Hi Clo team! Just wanted to add a concern. Currently I'm using version 7.1.318

    I used to be able to hold shift while tracing to collect multiple internal lines.

    I would then right-click and trace as pom.

    The result would be a single pom that represented the total of the multiple line segments.

    Now, however, the Points of measure are added as single poms.

    The image below shows the problem.

    Is there a workaround for this I'm not aware of? This is an important feature that used to work but needed some improvements. 


    Thank you!


  • US Designer Support

    Hi elyannie

    Currently with the Trace POM will always separate into different measurements for each pattern piece. You can see that they do all have the same number. But it is a feature request to be able to combine these into one number in future versions

    Currently the only way to have 1 measurement across multiple pattern piece is to instead use the Trace tool

  • elyannie

    Thank you for the reply! I collected the measurements using the POM tool and that worked sort of ok. 

    I'm experiencing an issue with the POM tool when holding Cntrl key. It doesn't curve. Not sure if it's something on my end or if others are experiencing the same problem.

    That's why I prefer Trace tool for poms.

    . When holding cntrl, the curve doesn't work on internal lines, and skips off the pattern when measuring along perimeter.

  • US Designer Support

    Yes you are correct. The POM tool does not curve. So currently if you use the Trace POM tool you will just need to keep in mind that it will split the measurements

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