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Unable to visualise pattern in Print Layout mode


  • CLO Designers

    Hi. When you go from trial to subscription everything should stay the same. Which version of CLO are you currently using? 

    Also your screen shot is so small it is hard to see what is happening. 

    If the error persists you can always uninstall CLO and the re install

  • zeynepcevik


    I have same problem here, and I uninstalled and after installed again but nothing changed.
    Can you help me ? 

  • US Designer Support

    Hi zeynepcevik

    Is this happening just on this file or on all CLO files? If you just load in the CLO default tee does Print layout work?

    If it is happening for all filles please reach out to us through our Contact Us Page HERE and include 1 of the affected files for us to test.

  • artlass

    Hi, in the end I had to scrap my project because all the other CLO files worked- the patterns I made from scratch, but the one that I had built basing it on the default tee would not allow me to print the pattern, not even after resinstalling several times.

    I assumed then it was because you couldn't print the default clothing?

    is that correct?

    Thanks, Anna

  • CLO Designers

    Hi artlass

    There should be no issue with using the CLO default tee in Print layout. see below screenshot. Besides your earlier post did you reach out directly to our Tech Support on As this was several months ago and you did not respond back to this post we may have thought this issue was resolved. There may have been a bug, which is now resolved

  • subject

    Hi I just want to confirm that this is still any issue. I'm using 7.3 and have this problem today US Designer Support

  • US Designer Support

    Hi subject

    Can you please sent the file to us directly. Through the CLO contact us page HERE.

    As no one ever sent a file and we could not reproduce on our end we had though the issue to be resolved in a patch update. This way our team can take a closer look

  • US Designer Support

    Sharing the solution here for any future users. The Fabric was changed from Fabric to Elastic in the Property Editor and since Elastic is Not cut from rolls the pattern pieces did not appear in Print Layout

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