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3DCONNEXION Navigation support needed


  • CLO Designers

    Hi there, 

    please note that CLO is set to work best (and is therefore recommended to use) with a regular 3 button mouse.

    Panning (clickwheel click&drag) and zooming (clickwheel scroll) are located on the clickwheel and rotating on the right mouse button (click&drag).

    For other devices, please find "User Settings" and set to the appropriate device.

  • jogemg

    Hi CLO Designers 
    My issue is not resolved by this. I still need the 3Dconnection in the scroll down menu. How do you suggest I choose without it?

  • CLO Designers

    CLO does not currently have a setting for this mouse type. But this article HERE may assist you in settings

  • detagustin

    I agree with jogemg.

    I understand that it works really well with a 3 button mouse but if other 3D software support Spacemouse, it would be great if Clo3d.  As designers we use other softwares along with Clo3D, it would make such a difference.  If you have a wishlist or a petition list, this would be high on my list.  I also think my stressed out hands would thank you so much............PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

    Sincerely, as a newbie of Clo3d and loving it, please make this happen for us!



  • kkochiss

    Bump.  I would also like to see some space mouse integration into clo3d.  It seems like a perfect fix, to not only allow you to orbit and pan in the 3D window, but also to pan in the 2D window as well. 

  • US Designer Support

    Hi kkochiss

    While we are always looking at new technology we cannot say when anything like this would be integrated. 

    But wanted to mention that you can already Pan in both 2D and 3D with a mouse. The specific command just might vary by the type you are using

  • blanabas

    I would also like to see this 3DConnexion mouse integrated into Clo3D.  I've worked with them directly and it's my understanding that the guys at 3DConnexion make it very easy to integrate.  Please consider reaching out to them.

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