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Bill of Material



Estimate cost per the number and price of fabric, buttons, and buttonholes.


Main Menu ▶ Mode Change Button on the Right  ▶ BOM


  1. Select the indicated menu in Location.
    → The mode is converted to BOM.
  2. Select the colorway to estimate cost. 
    → Fabric, button, buttonholes, and topstitch of the selected colorway appear.
  3. Assign units to each item and input cost per item. 
    → The cost is calculated based on the input values.
    → The cost of all colorways shows on the top of the BOM Editor.


※ Note:

  • As the estimated cost of fabric is calculated based on the Print Layout's fabric consumption, it is recommended to place Patterns in the Print Layout Mode first.
  • Click the Update button on the right top corner of the BOM Editor after changing fabric and trims.
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