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Create rulers to check measurements of particular parts of 2D Patterns/ Internal Shapes/ Graphics.





Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Pattern Measure ▶ Point of Measure

2D Toolbar ▶ pom.jpg Point of Measure



  1.  Select the tool/menu indicated in Location. 

  2. Left-click on a pattern or the 2D window to start creating a ruler.


       3. Double click the endpoint or hit Enter to complete creating the ruler.

           → A single POM is created and added to Object Browser ▶ POM Tab.


       3. Double click the endpoint or hit Enter to complete creating the ruler. 
           → A group POM is created and added to Object Browser ▶ POM Tab as a single measurement.

           → The length of the line linking two Patterns (one that is not placed within Patterns) is not included in the measurement.



  • Hold down the Shift key to display vertical, horizontal, and 45º guidelines based on the clicked point.
  • To cancel while creating POM, press down the Backspace key, ESC or Ctrl + Z keys on the keyboard.
  • While creating POM, right-click to enter Distance Moved.
  • While creating POM, click while holding down the Ctrl key to create a curved POM.
  • Check 3D Length in the Property Editor after creating POM. 
  • Pattern Outlines and Internal Lines can be traced as POM.
  • If there is grading information in the pattern that created the tape measure, the length is displayed by grading size in the POM tab. (ver 6.1) 


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  • Avatar

    Hi, is there a way to measure curved lines with the point of measure tool?

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Yee

    Can you add individual POMs together?

  • Avatar

    Is there a way we can measure between patterns, for example like a hidden dart from a yoke seam and separate panel seam?

  • Avatar

    How do you measure around darts, like if there's a waist dart in my bodice, I dont want it to be included when measuring the waist seam, but if I try to stop and start the POM it still includes it.