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Shirring (ver5.1.0)



Express shirring realistically by reducing mesh size of the particular area of the Pattern.


2D Toolbar ▶   Edit Pattern ▶ Select a Line ▶ Property Editor ▶ Selected Line ▶ Shirring


  1. Click on a Pattern Outline using the ____3.jpg Transform Pattern tool or ____2.jpg Edit Pattern tool.

  2. Follow the indicated path below: 

    Property Editor ▶ Selected Line ▶ Shirring

  3. Click to toggle on the check box.
    → Shirring is applied to the selected line and the shirring symbol appears on the 2D Pattern.
        The result can be checked on the 3D Garment or on the 2D Pattern after switching the 2D Pattern Rendering Style to Mesh.

  4. Adjust the Interval and Height of the Shirring.

      Interval   Adjust the distance between each mesh.
      Height   Adjust the Height of the Shirring.

 Shirring is applied symmetrically when it is applied to Symmetric Patterns.





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    I'm trying to create shirring down the center of a symmetric pattern and the shirring is only appearing on one side (the right) in the 3D window although the shirring symbol appears on both sides of the line on the 2D window. The shirring of the mesh only shows on the right side of the 2D window however.