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2D Window Display Icons (ver5.0.0 and Above)


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2D Sewing

2D Pattern

2D Information

2D Pattern Rendering Style


 1.png 2D Sewing

2.png Show 2D Sewing

Show or hide Sewing Lines from the 2D window.

3.png Show 2D Topstitch

Show or hide Topstitches from the 2D window.

4.png Show 2D Puckering

Show or hide Puckerings from the 2D window.


 001.png 2D Pattern

002.png Show Baseline

Show or hide Baselines from the 2D window.

003.png Show Seam Allowance

Show or hide Seam Allowances from the 2D window.

004.png Show Grading

Show or hide Gradings from the 2D window.

005.png Show 3D Pen

Show or hide 3D Pen lines from the 2D window.

006.png Show Reference Line

Show or hide Reference Lines from the 2D window.

007.png Show Symmetric/Instance Lines

Show or hide Symmetric or Instances lines from the 2D window.



 008.png 2D Information

009.png  Show Pattern Names

Show or hide pattern names from the 2D window.

010.png Show Annotation

Show or hide Annotations from the 2D window.

011.png Show Line Length

Show or hide line length from the 2D window.

012.png Show Grainline

Show or hide grain lines from the 2D window.

013.png Show 2D Measurements

Show or hide 2D measurements from the 2D window.

014.png Show 2D Ruler

Show or hide 2D ruler from the 2D window.

015.png Show Guideline

Show or hide guidelines from the 2D window.

016.png Show UV Guide

Show or hide UV guide from the 2D window.


 2D Pattern Rendering Style

 017.png Texture Surface

Patterns' textures are displayed.

018.png Monochrome Surface

Patterns are expressed in black or white.

019.png Opaque Surface

Patterns' textures are translucent.

020.png Transparent Surface

Patterns are completely transparent.

021.png Mesh

Patterns are expressed in a mesh form.

back_texture_surface.jpg Back Texture Surface (ver.5.1.0)

Textures applied to the back of the Patterns are displayed.

random_color_surface.pngRandom Color Surface (ver5.2)

Easily differentiate Patterns as they are randomly colored differently.



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