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Please download CLO API package with below two links and refer to the API/SDK Guide directly attached to this document in order to develop a customized feature which can be added to CLO as a plug-in.

Use each version's corresponding API/SDK to create CLO Plug-in.

CLO Ver.

Windows API



5.0 Official Release

V1.1 (download)

V0.5 (download)



5.0.156 Official Patch

5.0.162 Official Patch

V1.2 (download)

V0.6 (download)



 5.0.178 Official Patch

V2.0 (download)



 5.0.202 Official Patch

V2.2 (download)


5.1.290 Official Release

 5.1.312 Official Patch
5.1.320 Official Patch
5.1.330 Official Patch

V2.3 (download)



5.1.436 Official Patch 

V2.5 (download)



5.1.474 Official Patch

V2.6 (download)


5.2.142 Official Release

V2.7 (download) 



5.2.260 Official Patch 

5.2.268 Official Patch 

5.2.284 Official Patch 

5.2.318 Official Patch 

5.2.334 Official Patch 

V2.8 (S3 / Ali)

manual (S3 / Ali)



5.2.356 Official Patch 

5.2.364 Official Patch

5.2.382 Official Patch 

V2.9 (S3 / Ali)

manual (S3 / Ali)

6.0.328 Official Release

V3.0 (S3 / Ali)  

manual (S3 / Ali)


6.0.460 Official Patch

6.0.506 Official Patch

6.0.520 Official Patch

6.0.534 Official Patch

6.0.560 Official Patch

V3.0.1 (S3 / Ali)

manual (S3 / Ali)


6.0.594 Official Patch

V3.0.2 (S3 / Ali)

manual (S3 / Ali)

6.1.186 Official Release 

V3.1.0 (S3 / Ali)

manual (S3 / Ali)


6.1.250 Official Patch

V3.1.1 (S3 / Ali)

manual (S3 / Ali)


6.1.346 Official Patch

V3.1.2 (S3 / Ali)

manual (S3 / Ali)


6.1.394 Official Patch

V3.1.3 Obsoleted

Notice (S3 / Ali)


6.1.414 Official Patch 

6.1.422 Official Patch 

V3.1.4 (S3 / Ali)

manual (S3 / Ali)

6.2.234 Official Release

V3.2.0 (S3 / Oss)

manual (S3 / Oss)


6.2.260 Official Patch 


6.2.330 Official Patch 

V3.2.1 (S3 / Oss)

manual (S3 / Oss)


6.2.394 Official Patch 


6.2.430 Official Patch 


6.2.468 Official Patch 

V3.2.2 (S3 / Oss)

manual (S3 / Oss)

7.0.242 Official Release  V4.0.0 (S3 / Oss)

manual (S3 / Oss)

  7.0.296 Official Patch V4.0.1 (S3 / Oss)

manual (S3 / Oss)

  7.0.358 Official Patch (Latest) V4.0.2 (S3 / Oss)

manual (S3 / Oss)

※ Note: 

  • CLO API/SDK v3.1.3 is Obsoleted. Please use API/SDK v3.1.2 until API/SDK v3.1.4 is available. For more information please refer to the Notice (S3 / Ali).                                                                                                                                    
  • CLO 5.1.290 supports CLO API/SDK V2.3. You can use the Plug-in dll built with V2.2 as is for Windows OS; but in case you'd like to use the new functionalities on API, please update your API/SDK package to V2.3 and rebuild your plug-in project to dll and use it.

  • For the Mac OS version of CLO 5.1.290, you should download the V2.3 of API/SDK package and rebuild your plug-in project to dylib.

  • CLO 5.1.436 supports CLO API/SDK V2.5. You should rebuild the plug-in dll and/or dylib from the previous version.
    Some API calls has been added into this version to support Unicode but CLO is not fully compatible with Unicode while saving/loading/exporting files so these Unicode related API calls might not work as expected.
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  • Avatar

    I am going to create a plugin which exports all components without spending a ton of time to select each component and do the export, but it seems the API is too simple, and missing documentation. Could you please expose the header of classes: View3DBase, SceneGraph, PatternEditor, Library, I hope it can help me.

  • Avatar

    the documentation doesnt work with Mac - Catalina version since no access is provided on the root folder? are there any other work arounds that you may be able to help us with?

  • Avatar

    I tried following this and build but is full of errors and does not work.

  • Avatar

    Was using visual studio 2019, now use VS 2017 it works.

  • Avatar

    hey guys,

    I am interested in @anhmv'ss idea and I was wondering how can we make something like that? thanks for any help.

  • Avatar

    I am trying to create a palette using my colors from (Library window project). Is there any inbuild API are available in CLO 3d level to generate ACO , ASE CCO files types. Any other option available to generate a palette please update?

  • Avatar

    Hey, is it possible to make any sort of interactions during simulation time via API, for example I want make character to be rotating around it self, so I don't have to rotate camera my self or something like this.

  • Avatar

    hey, does this API/SDK guide apply to Marvelous Designer as well or would it only work with CLO?

  • Avatar

    CLO 7.0 has been released, yet no API version has been updated checking the above SDK versions. It's assumed that there is no change between 6.2+ & 7.0 API , but built-in functionalities for some of the API(s) fail, for instance exporting 3D data in a compressed zip file. Will there be a new API released for CLO 7.0 ?