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[CLOSET] Techpack


  • virjny

    when i share a file with some people, some of them see the garment like a metalic fabric ? could i make something with the light ?

  • jeannette

    in the tech packs xlsx i do not have all the colors details that I have in the coloways,eg:zips, buttons, graphics.
    same for sizes specs... eg: zip sizes, details puller, detail slider...
    xlsx file is very basic.
    how improve the link between clo color way and tech pack.

  • maxvbree

    All works great, except my measurement sheet is empty. How do I transfer my pattern measurements in this sheet?

  • thomasg

    The techpack as it is today, is not very usefull. The zippers, sliders show in wrong colors. The topstitch shows no usefull information. It needs a lot of work in order to make it usefull in a real world.