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Edit V-Ray Camera Properties (Above ver5.0.0)



Create a dynamic image for 3D Garments with enhanced camera settings replicated from real-world film/DSLR/video cameras: IOS, F-Number, Effects, and more.


Render Toolbar ▶ camera_properties.png Camera Properties ▶ Property Editor Physical Camera (Render Only)


  1. Follow the path indicated below: 

    Render Toolbar ▶ camera_properties.png Camera Properties ▶ Property Editor Physical Camera (Render Only)

    → The camera properties appear in the Property Editor.

  2. Refer to the below table and adjust the camera properties as needed.

    Option Description
    Type Standard Use the default camera provided in V-ray. It is a separate render camera different from the default camera used in the 3D window.
    Advanced Adjust IOS, Focus Distance, Effects, and more like photographing with a real camera.

    Configure the amount of the light penetrating into the camera and change images' brightness.

    To change the brightness of the images effectively, use the Exposure option instead of adjusting the brightness of Dome/Rectangle Lights.


    Adjust the sensitivity of the film.
    Smaller the value is, darker the image is; larger the value is, brighter the image is.



    Adjust the openness of the aperture.
    Larger the value is, darker the image is; smaller the value is, brighter the image is.


        Shutter Speed (1/s)

    Adjust the shutter speed with the unit of 1/s.
    When the shutter speed is 1/30s, the shutter is open for one-thirtieth of a second. To replicate the same effect, you should type in 30.

    The amount of the penetrated light decreases with an increased number of shutter blinks. Therefore, the larger the value is, the darker the image is; the smaller the value is, brighter the image is.


      Depth of Field

    By adjusting the camera's focus, configure the depth of the field. 
    The depth of field is dependent on both the Focus Distance and the F-Number.

        Focus Distance

    Set the camera's focus point as needed.

    Use the F-Number option to adjust the focus length (clear area) starting from the focus point. 
    Larger the F-Number is, larger the clear area is. On the other hand, smaller the F-Number is, narrower the clear area is.

    As adjusting the focus length with the Focus Distance is not intuitive, using the Focus by Left Click option is recommended.

        Focus by Left Click Click to set the focus point.
    When the focus point is selected, the Focus Distance is calculated automatically.
      Effects Stretch the image either vertically or horizontally.
        Vertical Tilt Stretch the image vertically.
        Horizontal Tilt Stretch the image horizontally.


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