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Edit V-Ray Light Properties



Configure the light properties for the final render image.


Render Toolbar ▶ light_properties.png Light Properties ▶ Property Editor 


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Render Toolbar ▶ light_properties.png Light Properties ▶ Property Editor

    → The light properties appear in the Property Editor.

  2. Refer to the below table and edit the light properties as needed.

     Option Description
    Environment Map Environment Map refers to light settings processed as an image. CLO provides 2 different light settings via Environment Map. Choose the one that meets your need.
    Light Intensity Adjust the brightness of the 3D Garment for the final render image.
    The default value is 1.00, and the range is between 0.00 and 4.00.
    The stronger the Light Intensity, the brighter the 3D garment.
    Light Angle Adjust the direction of the lighting.

※Note: Use the Open, Save buttons on the top of the Property Editor to save, open, and reuse the setting.



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    Is it possible to add a light or two to make studio mode even better?