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User Interface



Change the default settings of the software in User Settings. Designated settings will become the default after the program is restarted. Shortcut keys, menus, graphics options, view controls, default files, font settings, and other miscellaneous properties can be set in User Settings.
Modify UI related settings in the User Interface section.


Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ User Interface


  1. Adjust the settings below as needed:

    Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ User Interface


    Set the measurement unit (inch, centimeter, millimeter) for the program. The software must be restarted for the changes to apply.

     Use Ligne (L) for
    Button Width

      Toggle this option on to adjust button size in ligne (v4.0.0).

    Default Topstitch Thread Thickness Unit


      Choose the default unit for thread thickness (ver4.2.0).



    3D Toolbar

    Organize the 3D toolbar in the top, bottom, right, or left side of the window (ver4.0.0).

    2D Toolbar

    Organize the 2D toolbar in the top, bottom, right, or left side of the window (ver4.0.0).

    Group Tools (ver 5.2.0)

    Group tools of the same category.
    Activate this option to minimize the problem of hidden tools when using the standard layout.
    ※Note: All manuals are written with an underlying assumption that the Group Tools option is activated.

    Show Manual and Video Links from Tooltips

    Toggle on or off the check box next to the option to show or hide tooltips with manual and tutorial links (ver4.1.0).


    Font Type

    Select the desired font type used in CLO.

    Resolution Automatically Scale Display
      When the option is on, CLO's resolution automatically adjusts to the monitor's resolution. When desired, select the desired resolution under the Scaled option.

    File Open/Save Dialog Type


    Use Mac Finder

    Use Mac Finder when opening and saving files. When this option is toggled OFF, CLO's original dialog is used.

    ※Note: In case of frequent crashes when using Mac OS dialog, it is recommended to use CLO dialog. 

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    The "Resolution" option does not exist on the Mac version. Some comments online suggest that this may fix a bug where some of the icons are missing from the toolbars. I am using a MacBook Pro 2019.