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Edit Binding Properties


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Binding Properties

Edit Binding Properties 


Binding Properties

- Adjust properties for Binidngs.

- Select the edit_binding.jpgSelect Binding tool from the 3D toolbar.

Note:  Binding can also be selected with the Select/Move tool from the 3D toolbar.

Edit Binding Properties

- When the Binding tool is selected, the 3D garment turns translucent and segments with Binding appear in grey.

- Select the Binding to be edited.

- Selected Binding’s properties appear in the Property Editor.

  • Name : Rename Binding’s name.
  • Type: Place the Binding below or above the Pattern.
  • Line Length: Check Binding’s length. However, it cannot be changed from the Property Editor.
  • Width (mm): Adjust selected Binding’s width (1~30mm).
  • Length (%): Adjust selected Binding's length with percentage (50~200%) (ver5.0.0.)
  • Length (in): Adjust selected Binding's length with a specific value. When adjusting the Binding with a specific value, the unit follows the program's default unit (ver5.0.0.)
  • Particle Distance (mm): Edit selected Binding’s Particle Distance (1~20mm).
  • Add'l Thickness - Collision (mm): Adjust the Add'l Thickness - Collision value of each Binding (ver5.0.0.)
  • Fabric: Assign Fabric to the Binding.
  • Fabric styles in the Fabric Object Browser appear in a list.
  • Topstitch: Apply Topstitch on top of the Binding. All Topstitch styles added in the Object Browser appear as options (ver4.2.0.)
  • Sewing Line Type: Edit Binding’s Sewing Line Type.
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