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Deactivate CLO in website


Applicable for: 5.0 and later

CLO product type: StandAlone Onlineauth only



  • Worked with CLO on the office computer and try to log in to CLO with a home computer, it says that it is already in use.
  • Tried to log in CLO on a new computer, it says that another computer is already in use.
  • Worked on the desktop, and tried to log in to the laptop, it says that it is already in use.


How to deactivate

1) Log in to CLO website.

2) Select the user ID at the top right and then select the "Subscription".

3) Click the "License Details" button. 

4) Click the "Deactivate" link next to the subscription title.


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  • When the CLO software is running, the Deactivation button does not appear on the CLO website.
  • After the CLO software has completely quit, a Deactivation button is displayed on the CLO website.
  • If you exit by selecting "Log out" or "Deactivation" in the CLO software, the Deactivation button will not appear on the CLO website.
  • Depending on the region, network, and CLO server status, there may be a delay in which the Deactivation button is displayed. (Up to 15 minutes)
  • Deactivation does not cancel your CLO license or subscription.
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