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Can I create Patterns from scratch in CLO?


  • fopke

    Good day,
    I'm currently using a trial version and tried to follow the video on creating patterns from scratch, but the tutorial goes much too fast.
    Is there another, slower paced tutorial available?

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi! Let me put up the training video soon so you can watch it :) I will post the link here later

  • Permanently deleted user

    Check out this link:

    Its an extended version :)

  • allyshake

    You can change the speed, just click on the cog. I watched it at half speed to see the menu items a bit easier.

  • darmas35

    Hi - Do I need to know pattern making to use CLO?

  • enjoliveur

    Tell me please. Is it forbidden @clo to say what you're doing and why in training videos?
    I think clo is difficult enough without having to guess what's going on