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Edit Notch Properties



Edit notch properties to use it as needed.


Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Create ▶ Notch

2D Toolbar ▶ notch.png Notch


  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.

  2. Select the notch to edit its properties.
    → The selected notch's properties appear in the Property Editor.

  3. Refer to the table below and edit the selected notch as desired.
    Option Description
    Name Change the name for the notch.
    Type Select the notch shape.
    T tshape.png
    V vshape.png
    I ishape.png
    L __.png
    U ushape.png
    Box boxshape.png
    Angle Perpendicular Notch is placed perpendicular to the line.
    Custom Arbitrary decide in what angle the notch is created based on the line.


    Edit notch length as needed.
    This option appears or disappears according to the Notch setting in User Setting ▶ 2D.

    The notches export with the configured size.

    Direction Decided in which direction the notch is created. This option is activated only when the notch is created at a corner. 
    Point (Center) Notch is created at the center of two lines making the corner.
    Segment 1 Notch is shifted towards a line.
    Segment 2 Notch is shifted towards the other line.
    Flip Flip the notch to the other side of the line.


    (ver 6.1)

    Fix the notch position when moving the point of the pattern outline to where the notch was created.
    Lock Position When setting the notch fixed position, select the position of the reference point. 
    Start/End Point Set the position to fix the notch. 


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