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Can I use my license on multiple devices?



Can I use my license on multiple devices?



Yes, you can install and access CLO software on another device. However, you can't access CLO on multiple devices at the same time. It is required to deactivate your license in CLO software first before using it on another device. Please refer to the article: How can I deactivate my license?

If you need to deactivate your license remotely, you will need to visit the CLO website for remote deactivation. Please refer to the following article: Deactivate CLO on the website


For CLO for Enterprise, please reach out to CLO via Contact Us

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    Is there a way to remotely deactivate the license on a workstation? I use a laptop for CLO when traveling, and if my desktop computer is turned off back at home I need a way to access CLO on my laptop.

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    Would be nice if someone actually answered this. You know from the company

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    I am interested in this too! Especially when I imagine a lot of people have 2 machines: a laptop for designing and a more powerful computer for rendering!