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[Property] Create Button Texture



Create and apply custom textures to buttons in CLO in order to express various button styles.

  • UV maps for each default button are included in the CLO Asset Library as photoshop files. 
  • The files can be opened and edited in Adobe Photoshop to apply custom textures and logos to the existing button shapes.
  • When UV maps are used, all images or type will increase or decrease in size when the button width, ligne, or thickness are changed in CLO.



  1. Download UV maps of buttons from the Library window.   Button.png
  2. Locate the asset folder on your computer.
    (PC: C:\Users\Public\Documents\CLO\Assets / 
    MAC: User/Library/Application Support/CLO)
    ※ Note:
    on PC you can right click on the folder name in CLO Library and choose “Copy the path”. Then you can paste this path location into a file browser to locate it.
  3. Open .psd file in Adobe Photoshop. There are 4 types of layouts that UV maps will have.

  4. Each part has a separate layer with a shape defining the section that needs to be filled or covered.
  5. An image can be placed/embedded or a pattern Define and filled to cover the desired location. Type can allose be added.
  6. Hide UV outlines and Text layers, then save the image.  
    ※ Note: Saving the image in .jpeg format is recommended.
  7. Open the custom saved UV map through the Texture section of the button property.



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    I couldn't find the psd files. Can I download them from somewhere?