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Set Graphic Options



Set CLO's Graphic Options 




Main Menu ▶ Setting ▶ User Settings ▶ Graphic Options


  1. Select the too/menu indicated in Location. 


    Set how smooth the outlines of objects appear. 
    As the number increases, the outlines become smoother and the rendering speed becomes slower

    Use VBOs

    Set the VBOs usage in order to improve the rendering speed.


    Normal Blending
    (ver 6.1)

    Choose how to blend the normal map. The normal map blending result is reflected in the 3D window and UV Editor.

    Alpha Blending
    A method that simulates the normal blending effect using the alpha value.

    Partial Derivative
    A method of blending the height map using partial derivatives of the normal map.

    A technique optimized to reduce the amount of computation and it is a way to preserve detail while maintaining the tendency of a relatively flat normal. 

    Compared to Whiteout and Reoriented, the detail of the normal map is slightly reduced but the optimized calculation method is useful for low-end platforms.

    A method that preserves the intensity of all mixed normal maps while maintaining the trend of the flat normal map and the details of the complex normal map well. This is the most accurate and slow method by rotating the normal of the detail to match the normal of the base.

    It is the same method as reoriented but the error in certain situations (when two mixed normals are orthogonal) is abandoned and the performance is improved.

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