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Avatar Properties



Edit avatar color, texture image and opacity.


3D Toolbar ▶   Select/Move ▶ Select Avatar ▶ Property Editor ▶ Materials (Selected)


  1. Click the tool/menu indicated in Location.

  2. Click an avatar. 
    →The properties appear in the Property Editor.

  3. Adjust individual properties below.
    Information Name /
    Item NO.

    Enter a name and an item number of the avatar.
    Tech Pack
    Set whether to include avatar in the Tech Pack or not.
    Skin Offset
    Adjust the distance between the avatar and the garment.
    Since the avatar and the garment consist of the meshes, a very high value of particle distance and low value of Skin Offset can cause the avatar to protrude out from under the garment. To prevent this, the default Skin Offset value is set to 3mm, which is the proper value for creating a garment. When you fit your garment accurately or create a fitted garment, lower the value of the Skin Offset.   

    ※ Note: Leave the default value until you almost finish your garment, since the simulation is being slow when you lower the Skin Offset of the avatar and the Particle Distance of the garment. 

    Increase the friction value to prevent a garment slipped away while draping or animating. 
    Static The friction when a garment is in stationary position.


    The friction when a garment is moving.
    Divide Mesh

    Adjust the number of the avatar's meshes to smooth the surface of the avatar.

    Be aware to use this feature when it is necessary. The higher you set the meshes, the bigger the size of the file can cause the slower speed of the program.
    E.g. This works best when you drape a fitted garment such as leggings since the meshes of the avatar appear.

    ※ Note: Divide Mesh is not supported for the CLO 5.1 avatars.

    Material Set the Material of the avatar. 

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