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Nest Patterns (ver 6.2)


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Nest Pattern

Stop Nesting 

Nest Settings 

Reset Default Arrangement




Efficiently layout patterns and check fabric consumption to use the least amount of fabric. 


PRINT LAYOUT ▶ Toolbar ▶ Nest Pattern / Stop Nesting / Nest Settings / Reset Default Arrangement / Snapshot 



Nest Pattern

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    → Patterns are efficiently placed on the fabric and the calculated value is displayed. 


※Note: Directly click the pattern ▶ Drag it within the set fabric width to place it or place the pattern using Align and Distribute.



Stop Nesting

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    → Pattern Nesting will stop.



  • Instead of waiting for nesting to complete, stop directly at any point in time to place patterns to save nesting time.
  • The number of calculations varies depending on the number of patterns. Higher counts give optimal arrangement results, but larger numbers of patterns require more calculations and take more time. Moving one space of the progress bar means that once calculation has been completed.


배치 설정

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    → Nesting Options appear in the Property Editor.
  2. Set each property.
    Menu Description
    Nesting Option
    Number of Garment
    Enter the number of garments to be placed on the fabric for mass production. 
    Select All Gradings Place all grading sizes of the garment on the fabric.
    Colorway Place all colorways on the fabric or click Select Colorway on the right to place only the selected colorway on the fabric.
    Grain Direction


    Place the pattern in one direction along the original grain direction


    Flip the pattern in the opposite direction to place patterns in an optimized state.

    Buffer Spacing

    Set the spacing between patterns.

    Information Unit Set the units.
    Fabric Check the width and length of the fabric.
    Efficiency Consumption Based on 100% of the total fabric, the fabric area consumed for the pattern is calculated as %
    Remnant The remainder after subtracting the area consumed by the pattern is calculated as a %.
    Pattern Placed Check the pattern area placed on the fabric.
    Remnant Check the remaining area where no pattern is placed.



Reset Default Arrangement

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    → Patterns are reset to the initial arrangement state. 




  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    2D Snapshot pop-up window appears. 
  2. By Setting the option, the state of the patterns placed on the fabric is saved as an image.


※Note: Patterns and Internal Shapes with adhesion/bonding are classified separately in the Bond tab. (ver 6.2) 


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  • Avatar

    Does the new pattern arrange feature in the latest Clo release orient the pattern pieces according to the grain line. I assume you can put a grain line on a pattern piece.

  • Avatar

    Hi, yes, when you click Reset to Default Arrangement, it reflects the grainline.
    To set the grainline of a pattern, please use the Edit Texture tool.

  • Avatar

    Hello Erica,
    Why is the print layout disabled. I am using the latest update 5.0.202

  • Avatar

    Hi there, is it possible to change the size of my pattern print layout all together? It is set to a default of 1117.6 mm fabric width. How do I reduce that number to my desired custom width?

  • Avatar

    It's great to do Mak in CLO!
    About grain set - it's 1 way and 2 way only in 6.2 version
    Is it possible to add "1 garment in 1 way, but can accept 1 style in both 2 way?" - this is much close the actual production cutting way.
    Looking forward to hear good news!