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Nest Patterns


  • allyshake

    Does the new pattern arrange feature in the latest Clo release orient the pattern pieces according to the grain line. I assume you can put a grain line on a pattern piece.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi, yes, when you click Reset to Default Arrangement, it reflects the grainline.
    To set the grainline of a pattern, please use the Edit Texture tool.

  • dorelle22

    Hello Erica,
    Why is the print layout disabled. I am using the latest update 5.0.202

  • jpkjpk

    Hi there, is it possible to change the size of my pattern print layout all together? It is set to a default of 1117.6 mm fabric width. How do I reduce that number to my desired custom width?

  • alanjyl

    It's great to do Mak in CLO!
    About grain set - it's 1 way and 2 way only in 6.2 version
    Is it possible to add "1 garment in 1 way, but can accept 1 style in both 2 way?" - this is much close the actual production cutting way.
    Looking forward to hear good news!