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Schematic Rendering Style for Tech Pack (ver 6.0)



Render 3D Garments into technical drawings for Tech Pack.


Main Menu ▶ Render ▶ Schematic Render 

3D Window ▶ Schematic Render


  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location. 
    → Render the 3D garment according to the schematic format.

  2. Set the following options as needed.
    Main Menu Description
    Line Thickness Show or hide the silhouette line (the outline of the area where the garment and the background meet and the line of the wrinkled area inside the garment), seam line, Internal Line and topstitch line and adjust the line thickness.
    Line Color Adjust the Color of the line.
      Garment Color Adjust the Color of the garment.
    Brightness Adjust the Brightness of the garment.

※ Note:  Property Editor ▶ Show Schematic Line ▶Adjust the Z-axis distance of the schematic line by entering Z-Offset value. (ver 6.1)

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  • Avatar

    then what do you do?

  • Avatar

    This seems incomplete. It doesn't look like the graphic shown on the updates list. Is there a way to add the construction detail callouts?

  • Avatar

    How can i see this schematic rendering in the techpack?

  • Avatar

    This is a great idea. I dream that it will be possible to almost exclude the illustrator from the workflow, 2D will become the past, but so far this is very weak. Sorry, but the difference is still very big. please make this function better, I no longer want to draw clothes in illustrator, but I cannot use your program to create documents for factories, I need a description, I need seam diagrams, I need arrows, then the whole 2D world will collapse.

  • Avatar

    Please bring back the style line view option. I was very surprised it was gone in Clo 6, as it is an essential to be able to see the style lines on the garment. Alternatively, add the option to change the colour of the background in Schematic render, at the moment it is impossibly bright.

  • Avatar

    Can anyone advise how the background colour can be changed, please?

  • Avatar

    some feedback: at the moment if the 'silhouette line' is activated at 1px, my render background turns black. Once i untick this i can then see my actual background. If you have issues with the background, try unticking the Silhouette Line and then change your 3D background.

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    It really doesn't look like the graphic shown on the updates list. :( Really, this is it?

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    Hey all, I found that the best way to use Schematic rendering is to enter the schematic render mode, then use File -> SnapShot -> 3D Pattern Window (F10) to export an image, there you can change the settings, apply a transparent background. I hope this helps everyone out.

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    Paulo Belisario

    how do I save the file after previewing the schematic rendering?