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Change Pose by OBJ Morphing



Vertex Morphing has a merit of maintaining avatar's final form without any distortion.
However on the other hand, garments may fall off during the morphing process, especially when there is a large difference between the first and the last pose as the pose changes by the minimum distances between points in the avatar rather than the units of avatar joints. Therefore if a big difference between the poses, it is recommended to create an OBJ file for interim pose and morph stage-by-stage. If it is inconvenience, change pose by another method, Change Pose by Using Collada.


  1. After dressing an avatar in CLO, at least two files are required to change poses such as T-pose avatar and another avatar in desired pose. Export both of the files in OBJ format. To find export method in details, check 3D File (OBJ) Import/Export  for the reference.

  2. Click File ▶ Import ▶ OBJ and select the T-pose OBJ file of the previously exported avatar.
    Click OK on the option dialogue to load the avatar.

  3. Put the garments on top of the loaded avatar.

  4. Click File ▶ Import ▶ Morph Target and load the previously saved avatar with another pose.
    Set the 'Morphing Frame Count' in the option dialogue, then click OK.

  5. The Simulation button automatically activates and the avatar pose slowly changes according to the set frame count. The garment also starts simulating in accordance with the change. Adjust garments if necessary, after the final pose simulation. 


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