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  • Hi a18021267, - The pattern pieces are colliding into each other upon introduction of gravity (turning on simulation). You can be able to prevent this by going down with both the Particle Distance ...

  • Hi islamrashad. This can be due to missing or out of date software on your computer. Please see HERE on our website for further information.  

  • Hi Staz   I hope you are well.  This is currently a related issue to opacity and will be fixed in the next patch version.  Please ensure you update to the latest version once the patch is released....

  • Hi HUBBABUBBABEE. Unfortunately what you are trying to do is not possible. When ground shadow is turned On CLO needs to add in the "floor" to have something to add a shadow to. The HDRI is just an ...

  • Hi joylee thanks for your inquiry! I would first suggest getting rid of some of your internal lines, this may help the collar fold more naturally.  I would keep 1 line as the main fold line. Once y...

  • Hi joaoferreira, Can you please share with us your current CLO user ID? There is no active license associated with this account.

  • Hi owersclo, They look like reference lines, you can delete them as outlined here:

  • Hi bargak, It seems you are not using an official version of CLO, which could be causing features to not be working as they should.

  • Hi margoliv and sheevsemporium If this continues to happen even after a restart it is possible that an error occurred during the update. The best was to solve this in to fully uninstall CLO and the...

  • Hi harrytribe This can occur when something interrupted the update process, or if you have multiple versions of CLO installed that may not have been properly uninstalled. You will need to completel...