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  • Dear katey, By buckling up, do you mean that this part looks blown up? When you are using the pleats sewing tool, seamlines placed on pattern edges will automatically be set to turned: This gives ...

  • Hi rickychiang5 The Custom views for Snapshots/Colorway is a known bug. It will be fixed in an upcoming patch :) 

  • HI janglesworthy For creating those tucks/pleats at the waist band adding in an Internal waist band to sew them closed too may help you to achieve the look. But also you could possibly use the tack...

  • Dear jigaji, CLO changes all the edges on imported polygon assets into soft angles. Thus, the hard expression created by the angle of an edge in a 3rd party 3D program disappears.Therefore, it is b...

  • Dear ashleykirk, the different shapes are a result of the blunter and sharper angles on both pattern pieces. This will also happen when drafting on paper by hand, but can then be leveled out – in C...

  • Hi diphylleia Looks like you have added Solidify to your skirt. In the 3D window select your pattern pieces > R-Click > Choose Un-solidify from the drop down menu. :) 

  • Dear fatimarahimi, are you exporting from CLO as FBX in "cm (DAZ Studio)"? If the issue persists, please contact us here:

  • Dear janglesworthy, don't worry about the outfit, I think you will find many people with nerdy interests around here and scifi has been influential on real world fashions (e.g. Blade Runner) :) Sas...

  • Dear missnancyjean, does the image involve any open segments and lines, are you trying to import as a pattern? CLO needs a closed image boundary to recognize any pieces. If it seems all lines are c...

  • Dear janglesworthy, it is a bit hard to tell what might be going on without any visuals, would it be possible to post screenshots of what you are referring to? Thank you!