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Internal Shapes as Placement Prints
How to create ruffles in CLO
How to create an elastic Waistband
Secret Pockets!!
Layering multiple garments to create complete looks!
How to pack a shirt or plastic covering a dress shirt in CLO 4
Expressing drawstring
Editing Basics - Edit Pattern, Edit Curvature & Edit Curve Point Tools
Express Ribbing
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How to make a metal buckle in CLO
How to Make Custom Pleats
Expressing buttons in different materials
How to Create a Bowtie with Sewing!
Express Grommets
How to Roll up a Sleeve
Using 3rd Party Avatars in CLO
How to Express Falbala
lacing on clothes
How to make a round shoulder straps
Making basic female bodice block ( no darts ) pattern
How to use Washing_Texture provided in CLO effectively.
How to make a bag LOUIS VUITTON
Making bindings to show the effect of folding sleeve/hem/collars
Knitted clothes
Add Arrangement Points to a Custom Avatar
Express Trims not Provided by CLO via Patterns
Express Trims not Provided by CLO via Texture Image
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