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  • Forum posts not showing up after posting unless I log in.

    Hi, when I visit the forum without signing in, I cannot see all the posts in a thread. For example, I posted a reply yesterday and it is not showing up but I can see it after I have logged in. It’s...

  • Duffle coat toggles - how would you approach this?

    Hello Clo experts!How would you go about making these toggles? I am happy modelling the toggles and bringing them into Clo, but I'd like to animate the coat and simulate the weight/pulling of the c...

  • Clo v6 performance vs v5.2

    Hello! I've had some anecdotal reports from my students that the new version is running slower than 5.2 I just wondered if anyone else had had similar or contrasting experiences so I can advise the...

  • Background image possible bug on Mac version 5.1.4

    Hello, I can no longer add a background image in either window on the latest Mac version. Older versions of Clo are working OK with same file and on same computer. Thank you,Adam

  • Format 2d background not working for me

    I wondered if anyone else was having a similar problem, since the latest update I can't use an image to format the background of the 2D window (also not working on the 3D window but I don't normall...

  • Shortcut clash with Apple OS command

    CMD H for strengthen on the Mac version 4.2.242 hides the program from the screen. Clicking on the menu item does not cause this behaviour - only the keyboard shortcut. Thanks, Adam