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  • Expressing Lace Trim

    Hi all.I'll show you how to express a lace trim.Click on the link below. https://youtu.be/j_tT5zgCGC0  

  • Expressing Ribbon

    Hi everyone.I'll tell you how to express the ribbon without tying it yourself.Click on the link below. https://youtu.be/jYGEigSwF-g    

  • Making Mustache

    I think the Fur function is so cooooooool.  I have to practice a lot more. : )

  • Tattoo to Avatar

    Hello all.I made tattoos on the avatars with the flatten function. haha     

  • How to express Neck Tape

    Hi all.I'll show you how to express neckband in the neckline.Please follow the instructions below. 1. Making a necktape pattern (width: back panel neck line, height: 0.345 inch) 2. Create a line of...

  • Catwalk with bag

    Hi all.I'll show you an easy way to grab a bag and catwalk.The big steps are as follows. 1. Save your bag as a Trim file2. Fix small patterns in the hands of the avatar3. Bring Trim file to bag and...

  • I found a way to easily adjust avatar pose.

     Putting a pose image into a pattern, putting a pattern in the center of an avatar, and then changing the pose is easy! Like the image below!

  • Twist the fabric several times

    Hi. : ) When You twist fabric many times, I want to show you how to twist it safely. I explained the intermediate steps below, and I uploaded the Youtube link. I hope it helps. Go to Youtube video ...

  • Create your own Topstitch

    When you want to put other Topstitches besides CLO stitch, You know you can put it Topstitch images? You can create a Topstitch image in Photoshop, then load the file in the Topstitch property edit...

  • Express Ribbing

    Hi, everyone. Today I'm going to show you how to express a ribbing. You can see the video to click the link below. https://youtu.be/-ywCj47LXWw  --- 1. Create a ribbing texture in Photoshop. (It i...