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  • evan1151さんが投稿を作成しました:

    I lost track of my edits or something. Can someone tell me what I changed? My headband used to have nice rounded edges like this:   But now they look like this: There's that gap, I can make it sm...

  • evan1151さんが投稿を作成しました:

    My printer told me what fabrics he uses to print the custom graphic sublimation jerseys and long sleeve tees we sell. They incorporate: "100% polyester Lycra" - main fabric, front back and arm patt...

  • evan1151さんが投稿を作成しました:

    Hello,  I would like to accurately portray sublimation printing properties by showing that the print only appears on the front of the white fabric but is vaguely visible on the back when the shirt...

  • evan1151さんがコメントを作成しました:

    Thanks! Much less numerical nitpicking in Clo.

  • evan1151さんが投稿を作成しました:

    If I make adjustments to the art in Adobe Illustrator, I have to relink it, re-resize it and place again by typing numbers in Position transformations. Is there a way to dynamically link the textu...

  • evan1151さんが投稿を作成しました:

    Is it possible to add another cut to divide the body of the avatar so I can only show the neck, head and arms of the avatar? I can turn off the opacity of the legs but I don't want the thighs visib...