CLO responds slowly for the Computer

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Hello !

I am working on a highly detailed sports wear garment on CLO, in which I have mostly used  CLO features (minimum particle distance and fabric pressure and several other) to obtain the accurate appearance of the garment.

Currently I am using CLO 4.2 version . Although my computer fulfills the CLO computer specifications, the computer is very slow when stitching the panels and when simulating. I have tried to recover the issue by installing the CLO new version which is 5.0, but still the issue continue.

Is the concern with the CLO online version or something else?


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No problem is in the computer. Just go to the small particle in the very final. You can get the right shape with particle dist. 20- 30. Its will be very fast .

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Pablo Quintana

I agree with Vad runwaykit3. I would also suggest to use GPU simulation if you have a good graphics card. Just take into consideration that GPU simulation still has some issues, but can help you get faster to the final simulation. You can try freezing parts of your garment and simulating others to avoid too much collision poke-through.