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3D Window / 2D Window / Object Browser / Property Editor

Buttons at the Bottom



- The Library window is located on the furthest left.

- Open and use default assets provided by CLO such as Avatar, Garment, Trim, and more.
Add frequently used folders to the Library window and access directly in CLO.

- To add a frequently used folder to the Library window, select the Add button and choose the folder to be added from the File Browser. Then, click Select Folder.

- Add the Quickstart_Files folder which contains Quick Start exercise files.

- Download exercise files here.

3D Window / 2D Window / Object Browser / Property Editor

- The 3D window is on the Library window’s right. In the 3D window, you may load Avatar and Dummy to drape and move 3D Garments.

- The 2D window is on the 3D window’s right. Load DXF files to edit and sew Patterns.

- In the Object Browser, you may see all items in the 3D and 2D windows. The Fabric tab is selected by default.

- Properties related to the selected item from the Object Browser appear in the Property Editor. Check and edit properties.

Buttons at the Bottom

- You may find three buttons at the right bottom corner of the software.

- Click the button in the middle to hide the 2D window and only show the 3D window. Click the button on the right to hide the 3D window and only show the 2D window. To see both 3D and 2D windows, click the button on the left.

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