Aligning Shoulder Seams


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Opening a Project File

Aligning the Shoulder Seams

Enhancing the Quality of the T-shirt

Deleting Avatar Tape


Opening a Project File

- This tutorial will cover how to align the shoulder seams of the T-shirt and evaluate the fit.

- Open the file, T-Shirt_Aligning Shoulder Seams, for this exercise. (Download the practice files before starting this tutorial.)

- To do so, navigate to the CLO Tutorial folder, which was previously added in the Introduction to CLO tutorial, within the Library. Go to D_Fine Tuning, then c_Aligning Shoulder Seams. Double click on the file, T-Shirt_Aligning Shoulder Seams, or drag and drop it into either the 3D or 2D Window.

Aligning the Shoulder Seams

  • Attaching the Shoulder Seams to Avatar Tape

    • Establishing Avatar Tape on the Avatar
      - Press 5 on the keyboard to switch to a Top view.

      - Select the mceclip0.png Linear Avatar Tape tool from the 3D Toolbar. A blue Point will follow the mouse cursor. To start drawing the Avatar Tape, click once on the High Point Shoulder. Drag the mouse cursor towards the Shoulder Point, holding down the Shift key to create a straight line. Double click to complete the Avatar Tape.

    • Attaching the Shoulder Seams
      - Use the mceclip1.png Attach to Avatar Tape tool from the 3D Toolbar. Click on the shoulder seam and the Patterns will turn transparent. Then, click on the previously established Avatar Tape. Both edges should appear red.

    • Simulation
      - Click on the mceclip6.png Simulate icon in the 3D Toolbar and the shoulder seams will shift and attach to the Avatar Tape.

      - Press 2 on the keyboard to switch to a Front view. Check and make sure the shoulder seams are attached to the Avatar Tape.

  • Fine-tuning the T-shirt

    - If the shoulder seams were sitting far away from the actual shoulder, the garment will move dramatically and may result in a messy drape. To resolve this, gently pull at the garment until it sits properly on the Avatar.

Enhancing the Quality of the T-shirt

- Select the mceclip4.png Hi-Res Garment tool from the 3D Toolbar, adjust the options as needed, and click OK to increase the resolution of the T-shirt.

Deleting Avatar Tape

  • Deleting Avatar Tape

    - Delete the Avatar Tape to smooth out the shoulder seams.

    - After increasing the resolution of the T-shirt, delete the Avatar Tape using the mceclip5.png Edit Avatar Tape tool from the 3D Toolbar. To do so, rotate around the Avatar as needed to clearly see the Avatar Tape on the shoulders. Click on the Avatar Tape and hit the Delete key on the keyboard.

  • Simulation

    - Activate mceclip6.png Simulate to apply the changes.

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